Monday, January 6, 2014

Coffee and Tree

I am having fun with the sisal coffee bag I found walking from my office to my studio a couple of months ago. This is the second of four in the series that I have completed. I had been thinking of how to utilize fabric from some of the clothing that is strewn all over the streets of San Francisco. This idea is a little scary, but since deciding to recycle, I have found some really cool stuff including a gorgeous scarf in my planter in front of my house that I glued to a panel yesterday. I like letting the City inspire me, even with its sad discarded fabric and clothing. 

Coffee and Tree, 12" x 12", encaustic, carbon transfer, sisal coffee bag, 2013

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Two Birds in a Nest

I heard a story on "This American Life" about boring conversation topics according to the mother of one of the show's producers. The producer and her mother embarked on a challenge to see if the show could track down stories and make these so called "conversation killers" interesting. The topics included: what you are eating, how you slept, your dreams, menstruation, and routes, among other things. It was a fun show, partly because these are all topics I like to talk about, but also because of the banter between producer and mother. 

I have since begun a list of my own: what I did at work (unless I cured cancer or created glasses for otherwise blind babies), the unexceptional work life of most people is not interesting, at all, ever. I have also added to the list excuses for why I am late or why I have not been doing something I promised myself I would do, like exercising or blogging. So I will not bother to discuss why blogging has not made its way to my to do list. I will say, I still paint and play in my studio, and am very happy when new things emerge. Happy New Year!
Two Birds in a Nest
encaustic, carbon transfer, coffee bag  & button, 2013