Sunday, October 19, 2014


I am saying yes to invitations to participate in exhibitions this year. I have a piece in a small venue in North Beach and will be in several shows in November and December, including Open Studios on November 1 & 2. One of the shows will be in a community acupuncture clinic on Valencia Street, an intimate clinic setting. I decided to make tiny pieces for the show. All of my work is small (today I saw an artist at Hunters Point, Randy Bechelheimer whose work averaged 64" x 96". The  pieces I am working on for this show are all 4 x 4. This is the first of a series.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flycatcher Mono Print

In August, a small group of fellow artists and I took a print making class with Jenny Robinson - trace mono type with chine colle. I had no idea what any of that meant, but Jenny said I would like it and I believe her. We worked hard and long and had a lot of fun, plus we all got some great prints. While in the class, I pulled this print, and was convinced it was garbage. My class mates and oohed and aahed and all I could see were the mistakes. Mono type is a medium full of surprises and one that takes me way out of my comfort zone.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Found Fabric

It's been a while since I have photographed and talked about my work in the studio. As I mentioned earlier this year, I found this sisal coffee sack on my walk between my job and my studio. Now, I am waiting for an order of four more that I bought online. Of course, I would rather tell the fun story of "found and free" but the truth is, I love the texture, the letters, and the printing on the sack - I love everything about the sisal sacks. I did find this one, but stay tuned for the less romantic versions to follow. These will be on display at Open Studios at 1890 Bryant Street in San Francisco on November 1 & 2 from 11:00AM - 6:00PM.