Thursday, August 4, 2011

View from Bryant Street

With my new batch of fabric lined boards, I set out to find images that might make good transfers. I wasn't sure how this one would translate. After taking the photo, I converted it to black and white, took all the clouds away, but decided not to repair any of the missing parts where the sun was shining on the objects, making them disappear during the contrast process. Even after seeing it printed I still wasn't sure about it, and only created a few copies, since I was so unclear if it would look cool or like a big mess. Once I began to peel the paper away I had my first glimpse that it was actually pretty successful.


anna said...

Great image, really like the graphic quality of the background. The sky looks like it's filled with fireworks!

Shockgrubz said...

I like this one a lot! The patterns are exciting.

Stella Rose said...

this is beautiful! Turned out perfect