Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another view of the Bakery Outlet

The Bakery Outlet at 17th and Bryant is a puzzling relic. I know my years in California, along with my innate tendency to be impressed by healthy foods, fads, and happy cows, have taken me a long way from my Midwestern Wonder bread roots - actually it was Gardner bread in Madison, Wisconsin. So I have to wonder (ha!) how does that bread maker that bakes that yummy smelling "bread" survive in the land of gourmet baguettes and vegan, gluten free pastries? I can smell the bread being baked while in my studio up the street, so I know they're not shipping it in from the Midwest. I guess it's good the squishy white bread lovers of the City still have a place to buy day old bread.


Todd said...

They also carry oroweat whole wheat bread, Thomas' english muffins, and a range of Entenmann's cakes and cookies (an East coast temptation). I haven't been there in a while, but I do still have one of their buy $10 get a discount cards.

Oh, and this is a lovely image of a San Francisco 'sky'.

Wax Beach Artist said...

I just love the way all these lines come together! Beautiful!