Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Playing with Pigmented Wax!

Lately I have been anxious to get work completed, feeling like I don't have time to luxuriate in the creative process. "Produce, produce" my internal voice screams. I've also completely neglected this blog. Working full time has many perks, but time to create is not one of them. 

I began to feel uninspired by my subject matter, birds and birds on wires, image transfers, layers and layers of smooth wax. The process I have perfected and love but needed something new. So I began experimenting with different mediums and different styles. 

At first I tried going back to roosters, and still life paintings, work that requires tremendous skill and attention to detail. I liked the results but still didn't feel very inspired. Finally I tried to produce abstract paintings, not like anything I've ever done before, abstract landscapes. 

This one was done with encaustic paint and I like the results. Since this, I've pulled out the acrylics and am now going to take a class in cold wax and oils. I'm back to having fun! 

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