Monday, March 2, 2009


Lately I've been having the experience of talking about something totally remote and later having a completely different person brings up the same subject. For instance, last week over brunch, my friends were telling me that people were squatting in foreclosed houses and turning them into "grow houses." Two days later I get a call from an old friend asking if I could write a letter on behalf of his son who was arrested in a grow house.

Another example of this phenomenon is that I was talking to my friend about how my mom called me Dolly and saying I missed hearing it. Later, another friend who was not privy to any of this, was in my studio and she said I should name the elephant Dolly.

I should probably buy a lotto ticket, but instead I'm just going to name the elephant Dolly.


jupiter family said...
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Gerry Zeck said...

You describe an effect I call, rightly or wrongly, synchronicity. Synchronicities always seem to occur in groupings or three or four.

Not sure exactly what they mean, but they do grab one's attention like a sign from perhaps parallel worlds or whatever your belief. They also tend to bring good vibes like healing energies.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.