Monday, March 29, 2010

Plyboo Owl

Trish and I had a cabinet built in our bathroom out of Plyboo, the renewable plywood made from bamboo. After the job was finished I ended up with a couple of 4"x 4" pieces which have been laying around my studio waiting for some inspiration. The sides of the wood are striped and are golden honey colored. Finally, this little guy found it's way into the tiny square and is now too adorable...I found myself speaking to the piece in a cooing voice - the kind one might reserve for a pet, or small child...I just do love this little guy!


dee hampton said...

I can see why you might want to talk to the little guy.

Michelle said...

He's so adorable! I would coo at him, too.

I assist with media and marketing at Plyboo--I hope you don't mind me posting a link here to our Facebook. Thank you for sharing this!