Sunday, April 11, 2010

McLaren Park Crow

McLaren Park has a lot of bird species, jays, hawks, cranes, finches, chickadees, and crows, are among them. It is also a park with some very mature trees. This guy was sitting on the very top of a tree that was three or four stories tall. The rest of the tree was plump with coniferous leaves, but this tallest branch was bare - so much so, I thought it was like that just so I could get a good picture of the bird. It's time's like this that I am grateful for the zoom on my little pocket camera.


scoodog said...

Beautiful and peaceful! I love this.

Gary said...

(Ignore the "Gary said...." it's "Jane said!" )

dk, I love all the pieces with birds! They are so beautiful and interesting. Kaela calls me a bird creep because I love to watch them in my backyard.... very peaceful! Can't wait to see you!